Made up of 100% Herbal Indian neem wood and suitable for all age groups. TEAK Wood comb is a natural, non-invasive and herbal way of keeping your hair healthy.

TEAK WOOD combs are handcrafted and eco-friendly. Our comb comes with an advantage of both wide and fine tooth in the same comb.

Using a Teak wood comb regularly cures the scalp disorders like dandruff and fungal infections.

Unlike regular combs which are sharp and rough on your scalp, neem wood comb is gentle on your scalp. Since wood is a bad conductor, it doesn’t create static electricity like plastic and metal combs which causes frizz and damage.

Teak Wood combs stimulate blood vessels and enhance blood circulation in the scalp thereby promoting hair growth.

TEAK wood comb helps in distributing oil naturally produced by the scalp to the lengths of hair evenly and prevents the ends from drying out. Massaging scalp with a wooden comb also helps in relaxing the mind.


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