Aichun Beautty Eye Essence BALL Design


This Product is scientifically fromulated with plant extracts and multiple minerals to effectively fix the eye problems such as dark circles, pouches & fine lines, regulate the skin’s moisture-oil balance and help leave it delicate & smooth, making your eyes radiant and bright.


Aichun Beauty Eye Essence Roller it’s a refreshing, non-oily, gel-like texture that smooths and moisturizes the eyelid area and under the eye. A massage effect & A cold effect that help to activate microcirculation and fluid drainage. Suitable for reducing fine lines, anti-wrinkles, fading dark circle, fading eye bags and many other eye problems. Great for repair skin elasticity. Hyaluronic acid helps to maintain the skin’s structure and provides it with elasticity and flexibility. It eliminates eyelid stress and fatigue, providing and immediate sensation of relaxation. Lightweight, small enough to put in your makeup bag. You can enjoy the eye massage at anytime and anywhere. Effectively lift skin, tighten loose skin, to increase skin elasticity. Helps improve skin condition in a quick way, making skin smoother and younger. You can feel skin firmness immediately after the first time use. How to use: Open eye pen head, skin aroud the eye in extrusion.


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