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Dr Rashel Aloe Vera Gel For Face & Body Moisturizer


Benefits : Massage gel is enriched with the moisturizing properties of glycerin and extracts that lifts away tired dull skin cells off the uppermost layer and unclogs the pores. improves the skin complexion and correct spots. most importantly, it has property of long lasting moisturizing upto 48 hours.

Dr.Rashel  Aloe vera gel for face: Reduces pigmentation and appearance of dark spots and fine lines. Aloe vera gel for hair: Arrest hair loss and stimulates healthy hair buildup. Adds intense sheen to hair and make them silky soft and smooth. Green tea extract helps in reducing the visible wrinkles and fine lines on the face leaving skin young and beautiful. The aloe gel has the goodness of the plant from its natural source and ideal for ideal for softening the skin, shielding it from sun damage. and acting as a protector and immunizing agent against skin ailments like dry skin, acne, and itchy skin conditions.


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