Farmasi Facial Cleanser Milk


The headlights Facial Cleansing Milk gently moisturises while cleaning your skin with rich moisture content and makeup residues. It does not leave your skin feeling greasy. Vitamin E, which is active in the health of hair and skin care. A powerful antioxidant that protects from premature ageing and give effect to. Moisturise the skin, contribute to lighting and cell regeneration. The battle against hair loss on the scalp by increasing cell renewa. The soft formula of the milk effectively and, at the same time, gently cleanses the skin, regulates its hydro-lipid balance. Contains vitamin E, which helps the skin to withstand the negative effects of antioxidants. Thanks to fresh plant flavours, the use of milk provides a real pleasure. Vitamin E, which is part of the tonic, protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment, softens the skin and makes it more elastic. Recommended for daily use, for all skin types.

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