Farmasi Pure Herbal Hair Conditioner


Conditioners and Hair Masks are the primary care products after shampoo. When applied to wet hair after each shampoo wash, it ensures that the chlorine in the water is purified from the hair and the hair is easily combed. Farmasi Pure Herbal Conditioner, with its natural plant extracts, gives vitality and softness without aggravating the hair. Herbal Intense Nourishing Conditioner offers 12 different kinds of herbal extracts to provide excellent care for dry and damaged hair after dyeing. Nourishes and repairs hair with wheat, oats,  almond oil, flax seeds and ginseng. Provides elasticity and softens hair with         marigold, black seed, aloe vera, chamomile, cotton and lavender. Poppy flower in its content helps prevent the formation of dandruff. Regular use of health-winning hair, natural shine is achieved. With its soft structure, it penetrates easily into your hair and provides easy combing without weighting the hair.


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