Massage Bath Brush


Bath body brush with shower gel dispenser can gently exfoliate, will not damage skin, promotes healthy skin, and activates blood circulation. It will squirt shower gel with a light push of the button on top. Use it every day to clean your skin. It will squirt shower gel with a light push of the button on top. Use it every day to your skin. soft bristles, care for the tender skin Hypoallergenic, sterile, comfortable and convenientLarge-volume shower gel, easy to useIntegrated lanyard can be hung without slipping off Name: Baby shower silicone brush can be filled with shower gel and bottled children’s bath artifact Material: The unique design of the brush has the massage effect, promotes the blood circulation, and has the effect of strengthening the brain. Soft silicone material, no skin damage, safe, non-toxic, no side ? Features : ? Soft bristles made of soft and fine silicone bristles, the bristles are not easy to deform and have excellent heat resistance. ? Comfortable contoured shape design will fit your palm perfectly, the brush will provide you with the best comfort. ? Easy to use push the top port to spray shower gel and dispense shower gel on demand easily. ? Bring great convenience to your shower time. ? Practical unscrew the lid and pour the shower gel, very easy to refill, the body brush having a better cleaning effect and high efficiency. ? Quick-dry body bath brushes easy to use and clean. Simply rinse it once you’re finished using it, then hang it up for drying. ? Easy to use, fill the foaming with liquid soap and squeeze the baby.

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