Swiss Beauty Kajal


Well made up eyes always anchor your look, leaving you with the-everybody-loves-face ever so easily. Soft Kohl brings you a superior eye makeup element that will adorn your gorgeous Indian skin tone and features. Any dull day can be pepped up with a few strokes of kohl to your eyes and a quick fix comes easy. Super Long Wear The intensive, smudge-proof feature allows your eyes to stay highlighted all day long and through your wild nights without being affected by oily skin or rubbing. Moisturising Ceramid’s Softer and smooth lashes are rendered, no more rough usage and styling as the Soft Kohl spreads moisturising ceramides that reduce damage and anchor beauty. Water Resistant All the drama in the world will keep your eyes sultry but no tear or heavenly shower will lead this Soft Kohl to bleed color on your elegant face. Does Not Cause Irritation A completely safe formulation gives you up to 10 hours of smoky, sultry eyes without any effect to your gorgeous eyes – all you have to do is pretty up.



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