Travel Selection


  1.  Comfort Neck Pillow :- The revolutionary on air comfort value makes this pillow more easily adjustable than any other. just touch the value button to find your ideal softness and support.
  2. Travel Eyeshade :- Unique contoured design prevent mask from touching eyes or eyelashes for a more restful sleep soft and cushioned for superior light blockage and comfort adjustable elastic strap for a perfect fit  lightweight, hand washable and packable.
  3. Travel Earplugs :- Earplugs are small places of a soft material which you put into your ears to keep out noise, water, or cold air.

Puffed Traveling Pillow, Black Eye Mask and Ear Plugs – these are the tourist’s true travel accessories that makes him feel at ease and comfort. Designed to fit comfortably around the neck and shoulders, you can rest comfortably during long travel periods or just taking that short nap in office or home. The neck rest Air Bag can be inflated and wrapped for travel. The pillow is made up of soft surface material, perfect for car, plane or other travel uses. The black eye mask is fashionable, beautiful and comfortable. Soft, form-fitting ear plugs effectively reduce noise. Sit Back, Relax, and have comfortable Traveling. Product Features Three Tourists Treasures – Includes 2 Anti-Noise Earplugs, Superfine Inflatable Travel Pillow and Eye Mask. Wearing It Can Effectively Reduce Sunlight, Increasing The Depth of Sleep and Improves Sleep Quality. Ideal for Creating a Comfortable and Quiet Environment While Taking a Short Rest in Office or at Home or While Traveling. Inflatable and Convenient to Carry Along. Portable to Carry the Pack Wherever, Whenever You Wish.


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