Ying Guns Fruit Knife


Top Quality Meat Cleaver By Guns Decor Collection ( Ying Guns) From food preparation at your own home kitchen to commercial kitchen at a restaurant, Guns ( Ying Guns ) 7 inch meat cleaver is the perfect fit in all kitchen conditions that provides a fine quality ultra-sharp blade and an ergonomically design handle, offering a smooth and easy cutting. Easy to use, Durable and Safe. + Superior quality Ceramic steel Non-staining Ceramic steel resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration. Precision made for strength and durability. The razor-sharp edge makes cutting and chopping a breeze, and is easy to maintain. Ergonomic handles Ergonomic handles are made from Santoprene for comfort and polypropylene for durability. It features textured finger points that provide slip resistance and a better grip. Each handle is engineered to gently widen where it meets the blade to help protect fingers. + Multipurpose Meat & Vegetable Cleaver Whether a seasoned, or novice home chef, Our chef knife offers not only the right tools and the know-how, but most importantly, the confidence to achieve one’s culinary aspirations. A good vegetable knife & meat cleaver becomes your daily kitchen companion. It’s used for almost everything from prepping steaks for the grill to finely mincing onions, and chances are you’ll reach for it every time you cook Easy to re-sharpen, use, clean and maintain. Ideal for various tasks which include cutting, chopping, dicing and slicing vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and more Reliable Quality & Ultra-Sharp Blade The cleaver knife is made from Ceramic stainless steel and PP handle. The high-performance edge is 15 degrees, which makes it razor sharp as while cutting, chopping, dicing and mincing with ease Ergonomic handle makes it a comfortable grip Unique precision flat abrasive processes makes the knife Blade is very sharp ,and easy to re-sharpen Care and handling of Guns (Ying Guns ) cutlery The performance of a knife can be diminished if not


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